Every winter, countless Eugene residents risk life and limb to liven up their homes with Holiday lights.
This year, remove the risk and let us do the dirty work.


Professional Installers

Nothing ends holiday festivities like a trip to the emergency room. That's why our installers pass a rigorous physical fitness examination to ensure they can handle carrying lights and decorations up and down ladders or trees and traversing steep rooftops.

Why not save yourself the trouble, and the risk? Stay out of the ER and in the comfort of your living room while we brave the outdoors.

Prices For Any Budget

You can't put a dollar sign on quality time, and that's what we want you to have more of. This winter, spend more time enjoying the company of your family, or watching the game or your favorite holiday movie, and less time on the roof in the wind and rain freezing your fingertips off.

With installations starting at just $99, there's no reason not to trust us with this year's holiday decorations.

Committed to Excellence

From start to finish, we make it easy for you to enjoy a cup of warm cocoa or hot-buttered rum while we transform your home's exterior into a welcoming, festive wonderland. If any of your lights come off or burn out, we'll come fix it.

And when the festivities are over, we'll come take your lights down in a timely manner so you can get on with your new-year's resolutions.